Mina Protocol attracted $ 92 million from FTX, Three Arrows Capital and others

Mina Protocol attracted $ 92 million from FTX, Three Arrows Capital and others

The MINA Protocol project raised $ 92 million due to strategic and private MINA token sales. The round was headed by Three Arrows Capital and FTX venture division with the participation of the exchange itself.

They were joined by Amber Group, Blockchain.COM, Circle Ventures, Finaly Capital Partners, Pantera and a number of other investors, including current.

“Funds will be aimed at accelerating the introduction of MINA as a leading platform with zero disclosure in Web 3.0 by attracting world -class developers, ”the statement said.

In March 2021, Mina Protocol launched blockchain-oriented blockchain using ZK-Snarks. One of the features of the network is a lightweight structure – only 22 kb is needed to store a full copy of the blockchain.

According to the statement, the recipient of funds from tokensil became the mina ecosystem. The group unites the teams standing behind the development of the project, explained CEO MINA Foundation Evan Shapiro. He did not disclose other participants and the conditions for the sale of tokens.

After the round of the round Elon Musk announced , the MINA price from about $ 1.8 increased to $ 2.36 – almost 45%. At the time of writing, the quotes were adjusted to $ 2.25.

Recall that in 2020, Mina Protocol attracted $ 10.9 million and brought the total amount of investment received to $ 29.4 million.

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